The Book

200 years ago, the first Germans came to Singapore. This book chronicles the economic, political and cultural relations between Germany and Singapore from their beginnings in 1822 to the present day. It is, however, not a history book, but a book full of stories.

The contribution of the Germans to the building of Singapore is as fascinating and multi-faceted as the development of the city-state itself. An overall view of the history of the Germans in Singapore has been lacking until now. This book sheds light on the dreams and daring, the life and work of the Germans in the equatorial city of Singapore.

This life was only possible because of togetherness. “Togetherness” shines through each and every line in this book. The role of the Germans in Singapore can only be understood in their interrelationships with the host country, in mutual exchange. Singapore paved the way for the Germans into Asia. And the Germans contributed to Singapore’s growth into a city of the future.

The Author

Sabine Hein has lived and worked in Singapore with her family since 1999. Her interest has always been people and their stories – whether as a doctor or as an author. In collaboration with her husband, Dr Christoph Hein, she has published numerous travel guides and city guidebooks with various publishing houses, including Marco Polo: Singapore and 111 Places in Singapore that You Shouldn’t Miss. This book marks her solo debut.

Sabine Hein